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Sailing the Dynamic Sea: A Glimpse into Aceperience

Hrikita Shrestha (Fall MBA, 2018)

September 12, 2023

Stepping into your postgraduate journey is quite like hurrying through a crowded road navigating  through the opportunities and challenges that propel our personal and professional growth. Student life  at Ace is a cryptic blend of academic endeavors, networking, exposure, and experiential learning. In this  blog, I’ll be summarizing what an Aceperience entails and how it enriched my journey as an MBA  Graduate.

1. Experiential Learning Module:

As one of the reputed business schools here in Nepal, Ace has a curriculum that has been designed to  facilitate students with the right knowledge and experience to sail in this ever-changing business  environment. Whether it be through case studies, simulations, and other co curricular as well as  extracurricular activities that shape the academic journey of Acers. These initiatives not only help  students to better understand complex theoretical concepts but also relate them to real-life problems  and their solutions.

2. Essence of Time Management:

As a fresher, soon entering the job market, time management is an indispensable skill. As an Acer,  managing your regular classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities demands a well-structured  routine. This aids students in exercising the art of prioritizing their daily tasks and utilizing their time  effectively and efficiently. This skill, mastered only through practice, is vital for students to juggle  different roles and responsibilities they must bear once they enter the business world. 

3. The Synergy Effect of Networking: 

One of the distinguishing features of a degree at Ace is the vast network of industry professionals and  experts it offers its students. Connecting with classmates, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals  opens doors to valuable connections that can shape future careers. The consistent workshops, seminars,  conferences, and networking events help students to expand their horizons, learn from industry leaders,  and create a network that extends far beyond their college life.

4.Learning & Growing Everyday: 

The transformational journey at Ace promises growth not only on professional grounds but on personal  grounds as well. As an Alumni, I can proudly say that my Aceperience has been a chapter of personal  growth where I tested my boundaries, stepped out of my comfort zone, and was encouraged time and  again to embrace changes. Participation in different internal as well as external events, leadership roles  in student clubs, and embracing and celebrating diverse cultures sparks confidence, adaptability, and  change in perspectives.

5. Aspiring Future Entrepreneurs:

As a reputed business school, Ace celebrates and encourages entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging students to explore their innovative ideas through Ascend – Ace Startup Center. At Ascend, aspiring entrepreneurs come together with mentors to conceptualize their raw ideas, connect with mentors, and even secure funding. The combination of their academic knowledge along with a quick glimpse of real world experience prepares students to venture out with more ease and confidence.

6. The Balancing Act:

While excelling in your academics as well as your personal and professional growth, work-life balance becomes crucial. In your journey toward success, your own physical, mental, or emotional well-being should never be compromised. At Ace, we strive to achieve this balance through yoga and mindfulness workshops, sports and recreational activities, and various non-credit courses too. These practices have helped students to realize as well as exercise the importance of balance in their lifestyle.

7. 360 Degree Perspectives:

Ace has been blessed to garner students from around Nepal with diverse cultures, traditions, and ethnicities. This has not only helped students learn about the rich culture of students coming from different backgrounds but also celebrate inclusiveness. Learning where there is a difference in opinions and perspectives not only creates healthy discussions but also encourages the student to think outside the box. This enhances a student’s capability to collaborate and communicate in an interconnected business world.

8. Career Workshop & Placement Program:

The very core aspect of any business school is to build a student’s career through a comprehensive academic plan. Ace, in addition to that, facilitates career workshops and placement programs which help students to be ready to enter the job market. These workshops include resume writing, mock interview sessions, sessions on soft skills and personality development, LinkedIn profiling, and more. More than 25+ companies from different industries participate in the placement program each year looking for the right candidates for their organizations.

9. Learning, Unlearning & Relearning:

Learning is a lifelong process, and it merely should not stop because you have achieved your degree. Throughout our lives we are constantly learning, unlearning our past knowledge, and relearning to cope with the ever-changing world dynamics. Ace strives to inculcate the thirst for learning to never be sufficed by constantly challenging students to move with new trends in industry, technology, and business. This attitude differentiates Ace graduates from others by setting up their own standards in whichever field they choose.

An MBA Degree is a fusion of academic rigor, personal growth and development, networking, and prospects of a successful and bright career. The blend of refined knowledge, building soft skills, creating meaningful and valuable relationships and promoting innovation cultivates a culture that shapes a student into a working professional. Aceperience enforces students to time and again challenge their own potential and grab onto the opportunities which adds value to their learning journey