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My Enriching ACEperience: A Journey of Personal Growth and Cherished Friendships

Ms Anugya KC (MBA Spring 2023)

June 21, 2024

A New Chapter

After years away, the call to return to academics felt like a guiding light, leading me back. The path ahead seemed uncertain, but the desire for personal and professional growth burned brightly within me. That’s when I found Ace International Business School – a place where I could gain the knowledge and skills to succeed in the ever-changing business world.

A Warm Welcome

The first day on college felt like a new beginning. Ace’s orientation program was welcoming, alleviating my worries about re-entering academic life after a long break. New friendships quickly formed over shared laughs and conversations in the cafeteria between classes. With the faculty’s helpful guidance, even complex topics became easy to understand.

Diverse Perspectives

Ace’s curriculum challenged us with diverse viewpoints, pushing us beyond just one textbook. Case studies sparked engaging debates with my newfound friends during library study sessions. Group discussions and presentations strengthened crucial skills like time management, networking, and critical thinking – abilities that became ingrained for any future challenges.

Finding My Stride

Initially hesitant, I soon embraced Ace’s extracurricular activities, which culminated in a rewarding basketball victory during Sports Week. This achievement boosted my confidence and highlighted the supportive environment fostered by Ace. Celebrating with friends after the win, I realized the transformative power of stepping out of my comfort zone.

A Journey of Growth

Guided by Ace’s commitment to lifelong growth and adaptability, I feel empowered to redefine the boundaries that once limited me, forging my own unique way forward. Let’s see what other amazing “ACEperiences” await as I journey toward graduation.