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My Aceperience

Swikritee Pandey (Ace A Level, 2023)

August 28, 2023

I am a student of Ace Institute of Management, and I am here to share with you my Aceperience as an A level student in this college. Ace has been nothing but an amazing journey within this 2 months’ time, spending time inside the buildings of Ace whether it be canteen or the common area of our A level building has been nothing but a wonderful and never ending rollercoaster of emotions.

The feelings everyone goes through while choosing a new college to start their new academic was felt by me too, I was definitely scared and nervous, it was a big decision after all. My parents gave me the responsibility to search for my own college since they thought I’d have a better idea about it but when I actually started looking at the colleges I figured out that it was not an easy task and I for sure had zero idea about choosing a college for my A levels studies. I came across several colleges, and visited a lot of them too. Obviously every college had its very own specialty and all of them had something to offer, but Ace just felt different. I remember visiting Ace for the first time with my mom and feeling impressed learning about the facilities and studies Ace was willing to offer if I joined it. And finally when the day came I ended up joining Ace for my new 2 year long journey.

Despite joining Ace, I had several doubts and concerns for myself since I had no idea who my classmates were going to be and what the college was actually going to be like. Choosing A level to study was a hard choice in itself and choosing a college on my own was another hard one on top of that. I still had an entire month after joining Ace for our college to start officially, but when the day came I still vividly remember how I felt. I didn’t attend the orientation program so it was already a little weird for me to be the odd one out in the whole group. Everyone seemed like they got along so well and I had no idea about who was who. It took me some time but I slowly found my way into the college. In less than a week I could feel a sense of closeness among all of us. We were a small number of people but we still were able to make the best of everything we got. We slowly created a family of our own amongst ourselves, everyone and everything felt welcoming.

Even the faculty members were sweet and extremely welcoming, they felt so easy to approach and I never felt alone, it was really reassuring to both me and my parents knowing how easygoing and easy to approach the faculty members were.

Ace has not only helped me as an individual but it has also offered me a platform to enhance my teamwork skills and socializing skills. It focuses on the interests of an individual and does not only focus on the education ranging only within the textbooks and the walls of the classrooms. The entire team of Ace supports the idea of their students being a part of various extracurricular rather than just running after the education which limits you with stuff. They allow you to interact with as many people as possible and increase our personal social networking which obviously has helped both me and my classmates in various ways.

I personally see various changes in myself ever since I’ve joined Ace, from the first day to this day, I can feel a drastic change in relations, my academics, my connections and my overall selfesteem regarding myself. Ace has helped me believe in myself. I find myself in a more balanced position than I was before 2 months ago. The balancing part particularly was a hard task to accomplish since A levels was a huge change in academics from NEB but the entire faculty of Ace made this change seem more easier and comfortable. The relationship we students share with our teachers in Ace is truly remarkable. I never imagined myself being so frank and open with teachers but here I am, I am almost as comfortable as I am at my home in my college and this is all possible due to the environment created by the faculty members of Ace. They perfectly know where to draw the line with their relationships with students, they are all amazing mentors to us and definitely are our role models. It’s incredibly surprising how a place can have a huge impact in your life just within 2 months. If someone were to tell me I’d be writing a blog about my college experience then I’d probably just laugh and shrug them off, but here I am and I’m loving it too. You can notice in a really short time that Ace does not compromise with its students and that is something both me and my parents admire the most. As a A level student, we were all provided with a counseling session with the Education Consultant from Scotland, he helped us understand the importance of A levels on an extreme level which we obviously were not aware of, we were made familiar with various things which we would’ve had zero idea about if we weren’t provided with a counseling session. Ace has even managed us with a 9 month long IELTS course so that it’ll be easier for us in future if we decide to take IELTS exam and try going abroad, similarly we are also taking Spanish language lessons by a Spanish teacher herself which is a highly beneficial course which provides us with a globally accepted certificate if we complete it.

I cannot stop talking about how amazing my experience in Ace has been to this day .I am looking forward to my next amazing two years in Ace along with my classmates and the entire faculty member of Ace. As I go on with my journey at Ace, I expect several adventures and learning experiences which will most definitely help me grow and help discover more of the world.