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My Aceperience: Not long, but a big one!

Shubhanjan Paudel, Alumni (MBA Fall 2019)

August 26, 2023

There are time in which one feel very fortunate to have been part of a community and to have been connected with an ecosystem. Being part of Ace has been one such feeling of pride that I take with me wherever I go. Having seen the high-spirited Acers and grandeur of events that I witnessed as a outsider, it only motivated me to join Ace and influence other to do the same.

My experience here at Ace has been quite equivalent to a ‘Burger’. With diversity in thought processes, the etiquettes and a loads and loads of entertainment running in the core, sandwiched wonderfully by the crispy and chewy college experiences, my time here was one to remember.

My time in Ace as a student was a hybrid one. Along with the classroom lectures, I was able to witness the power of the distance education during zoom and the creativity in which our respected lecturers carried out the sessions. Well, it cut out on a few experiences we could have at colleges, but the ‘Online Classes’ certainly provided us with a experience for the Memory Books.

As the great late actor Rajesh Khanna quotes in his movie Anand (1971), “Babumoshay, life should be big and not long”. Owing to the same, my time here at Ace might now have been a long one, but it indeed was a great one to remember.