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Life @ Ace

Roshani Sah (Ace A-Levels)

August 28, 2023

Like they say, time does fly really fast. I remember stepping my foot into Ace Institute of Management for the first time, as if it was yesterday. On that day I got to know what Ace is all about and what programs they have in store for the Acers, knowing that I immediately made up my mind to join the Ace institute of management. Few days later, I came back to Ace to give my entrance and luckily, I passed. I came back the third time to get my admission done. And that’s how my journey with Ace started.

The orientation was held a few weeks after that, at the Tayo Eco Resort. We did a lot of activities and got to know each other better. I along with my new friends, we had a great time and a lots of fun there. A few days after that, our collage life finally started. And honestly, it wasn’t half as bad as I imagined my collage life to be. I always thought that getting into collage would mean, us getting ready for a heck of a lot of works, stress and pressure. But Ace proved it wrong as the very first day of my collage passed like a breeze and it was good one.

The first week at Ace was full of new things as we got to learn many interesting and knowledgeable things through different people during induction classes. We got to organize an event non less than the second of our collage. It was a big deal for our senior bachelor students. And so we put our heart and soul into the event to help them promote the Ace Annual Drama. Even though it wasn’t the best but we still tried to get it our best being the first event we organized, at our collage. Just like that two weeks and then surprisingly a month passed.

Our Fresher’s party took place a few weeks ago, in The Strands. Despite us being to organize and décor our own fresher’s party, it was still a blast. A fun competition for Mr. & Miss Fresher’s was held. There were three rounds including, the introduction round, the talent shows round and the questioning round as a basis for selecting the Fresher’s couple. Each and every participant gave their very best for the title of Mr. & Miss Fresher’s. Even though, I was not able to win the title of Miss Fresher’s I’m still happy for my fellow competitors who won. Nevertheless, fresher’s was a full on success.

Mr. Bernie Quinn was humble enough to give us a 3 days long counselling session. And each day we got to learn about new and interesting things. He is a very kind and considerate enough to guide us into looking for the best possible collage in the country of our choice. We are very thankful to Mr. Bernie for spending his quality time on us.

Although, it’s only been about two months since we started our journey with Ace, we have been able to experience many things in these two months alone. I was able to meet these amazing people as my classmates and my friends owing to Ace and for which I am forever grateful as being with them has made my collage life full of enthusiasm and astounding experiences. I know now that choosing Ace as my collage is one of the best decisions I’ve made so far and also a decision that I won’t ever regret. Thank you Ace Institute of Management for all the Aceperiences so far and I am exuberantly waiting for more coming in the future.