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Embracing Growth: My Journey at Ace Institute of Management

Sojina Shrestha (A Level Fall 2023)

August 29, 2023

I am thrilled to share my journey at Ace Institute of Management and how it has shaped me both as a student and as an individual. My time at Ace has been a rollercoaster of growth, challenges, and amazing experiences.

When I first started my A-level studies at Ace, I knew I was stepping into an environment that would demand the best of me. While some aspects of my studies weren’t exactly a walk in the park, I quickly realised that facing these challenges head-on was the key to my personal development. I’ve had my fair share of moments where I found the studies to be less than easy, but the incredible support from my teachers and the learning resources available have helped me navigate even the toughest subjects. Each hurdle I’ve overcome has shown me that I’m capable of more than I initially believed.

The campus atmosphere is so vibrant and diverse, and it didn’t take long for me to connect with people who share my passion for learning and personal growth. These friendships have added a whole new dimension to my experience, allowing me to learn from others, exchange ideas, and create memories that I’ll cherish forever.

The sense of community at Ace is something truly unique. The challenges I’ve faced academically have taught me the importance of a positive mindset. I’ve learned to embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and I’ve gained confidence in my ability to tackle even the most daunting tasks.

However, it’s not just the academic challenges that have shaped my journey. Ace Institute of Management places a strong focus on extracurricular activities, and this has been a game-changer for me. Engaging in various ECAs, whether it’s joining clubs related to my interests, or contributing to college programmes, it has allowed me to explore my passions beyond the classroom.

My journey at Ace Institute of Management has been transformative in every sense. I’ve been evolving as a student, deepening my understanding of the world around me and building connections that will last a lifetime.