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Sharvani Subedi (Ace A Level, 2023)

August 27, 2023

The first day of school is always terrifying. Especially when it’s a completely new environment, new people and new teachers. Ace’s environment has always been welcoming, from the day I walked in to give my entrance exam to the day we first came to school officially. Since then, I’ve made friends, organized a whole event, felt independent like never before and gave myself to grow as an individual. Choosing a college that my childhood best friends wouldn’t be in was a difficult decision to make but I took it as a challenge; to open myself up to new possibilities and chances to make mistakes and learn from them. Ace has certainly given me grounds on which I can do so.

My opinion of Ace has always been positive because of the long list of family members that went here. However, listening to someone speak about it and experiencing it yourself has a huge line in between. Regardless, walking in and being welcomed by the smell of coffee at the courtyard is one of my favorite things about campus life. Ploppling on top of the beanbags in the hallway can be put up there as well. Then comes the most anticipated period of all time: lunch break, the excitement for it never dies, it doesn’t matter if you’re a first grader or eleventh. Running out of the building and onto the courtyard as soon as third period finishes is my best loved part of the day. Sharing hot gossip on a rainy day with my classmates accompanied by a warm bowl of jhol momo, what more could you ask for?

Coming back to class after lunch is a much dreaded action we have to commit. Eyes are rolling to the back of our heads due to sleep after the lunch we’ve just had and to write essays after that? Ooof, but we get through it. A little bit of making noise, a little bit of lecturing and a whole lot of writing (it never ends). We get through that as well. Then comes the most annoying part of the day; having to pack your bags and realizing just how much homework you have and the deadlines you have to keep in mind. They never truly end, ever. With heavy bag you head on home and sit on your desk to race towards the deadlines.

Sociology is one of my favorite classes, followed suitly by psychology. Learning about how the world works while trying to figure out what our identity is, its eye opening. Everyone deserves a chance to discover themselves and sociology brings out the best in everyone. Psychology however is a little challenging, so many facts so many methods, so many examples, but what is not to love about how the human brain works? What is not to admire about researching why we act the way we do?

In totality, the A levels program at Ace has provided to its students one of the best environments. With a program head that will protect you comfort and needs will all they have, food that makes you drool and infrastructure that will make you feel like a university student before you’re one. With subjects of our choices and the resources to learn them, I can place a safe bet that will we have some of the best Aceperience the college has to offer.