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Ace Chitragraphy

Riyash Gautam (Fall BBA , 2021)

September 3, 2023

The Ace Undergraduate School has yet again proved their artistic prowess by organizing a spectacular event, Ace Chitragraphy Art and Photography 2023. The week-long event showcased the raw and authentic talent of students who participated in both the photography and chitragraphy categories. The theme for chitragraphy was centered around the magical moments of school life, while photography had no specific theme, allowing for complete creative freedom. The panel of judges, consisting of the renowned photographer Mr. ShreePrajapati and the esteemed artist Mr. Afzal Khan, had the tough job of evaluating the captivating entries that were submitted. The students’ art and photographs were uploaded to Ace’s official Instagram and Facebook pages, where participants were encouraged to garner support from their peers and faculty members. The voting process was conducted through the convenient cell pay app, where the public had the opportunity to vote for their favorite entries. The winners were announced based on the combined score of judge marks, likes, and comments from the social media posts. Finally, on January 18th, 2023, the winners were revealed to the world, amid a sea of cheers and applause. The photography category saw the talented Raju Sharma taking the top spot, with Avash Rajbhandari and Roshan Adhikari securing second and third places, respectively. In the chitragraphy category, Yunesh Takkache Shrestha’s work stole the hearts of the judges and public alike, securing him the first position. Ivash Thapa and Diya Shrestha secured the second and third positions, respectively, with their impressive entries. The event was a true celebration of art and creativity, and the participants’ hard work and dedication were apparent in the astounding entries that were presented. The Ace Chitragraphy Art and Photography 2023 was a grand success, and it is an event that will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come.