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Ace Chitragraphy and Photography 2023

Aaska Gauchan (BBA 3rd Sem)

December 17, 2023

Since its inception, Ace Institute of Management has been a platform where not only the academics, but also the extracurricular prowess of the students are valued. In the process of bringing out the best in the students’ creative personality, Ace Chitragraphy 2023 took place on December 17, 2023 at Ace Premises.

The event held competition among creative artists from Ace who competed on the categories of Best Art and Best Photography. After the artists had completed their masterpieces, the arts were kept on display at the college premises and were also visible on the social media handle of Ace Institute of Management. The winner of the best photography and best art was chosen on the basis of social media engagement as well as creative judgement.

On January 5, 2023, the arts and the pictures of Chitragraphy were put on Auction, with the proceeds of the auction going for social cause. A wonderful participation was seen from the students and the management side at the Auction.