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Ace Annual Drama

Sangyam Lama (Fall BBA- BI, 2018)

September 2, 2023

Undoubtedly, if you ask an Acer why they wanted to join Ace besides its excellent academics, the majority will mention the appeal of extracurricular activities and the opportunities to engage in real-world implications. Ace Institute of Management offers a wide range of opportunities, including organizing events, management festivals, and musical extravaganzas, all aimed at enhancing management and soft skills of an individual. Among the countless opportunities provided by Ace Institute of Management, one of them is the Ace Annual Drama. The Ace Annual Drama is a theatrical performance organized and presented by undergraduate students of Ace Institute of Management. This event’s history dates back to its first show in 2013 and has since organized 6 magnificent masterpieces. Each year, the Ace Annual Drama grows bigger and better, with the ultimate goal of providing students with a platform to express themselves artistically and preserve the theater culture among Nepalese youth. To make the drama a success, artists undergo auditions, months of rigorous training and workshops, intense rehearsals, and finally, the grand performance. All of this is made possible by the hard work put in by the student organizing committee. The Ace Annual Drama creates a collaborative environment for students, enriches their academic experience, and nurtures their passion for performing arts.