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A futuristic learning experience

Shubhanjan Paudel (MBA, Alumni)

November 7, 2023

The march of 2020 saw the world engulfed in the manacles of segregation of COVID. While the whole world was going through a turmoil with everything closed from offices to shops to food
places, education was still on. The month of March 2020, was full of confusion to what is to come and what was to happen.

While our homes were classical kitchens where we practiced newer dishes form YouTube chefs, our education and classes got a new boost with the online classes setting and Zoom. Even
though it was no close to what we did in class; meeting friends, interacting with teachers, post class fun, it continued to light the fire that was burning. iife was infront of the screen, but it was
a new experience. Online sharing, online assignments, online exams proved the statement of ‘where there is a will, there is definitely a way.’ Well, the most favorite part was dressing up for
presentations where upper body would be smartly formals and smart casuals. We could guess what the lower body dressings would be like. Hilariously, some days it would be shorts, some
days rugged trousers and some days blankets.

We did miss being in the classes but the online classes had its own perks, our own way of communication, all in all a futuristic experience indeed and a tip of the iceberg on Distance Education.

All in all, in the times where COVID bounded the whole world with his inhumane void, Ace’s Virtual Classes and Zoom came as a beacon of life of hope to all the students and staffs alike. The flow of education continued ever peacefully like funning stream. Well, like ‘every rose has its thorns’, it did have its, but we made it through wonderfully