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A Double Dribble Through Undergrad to Postgrad- my journey on the court and in the classroom

Riya Thapa (MBA, Spring 2022)

December 23, 2023

My journey at Ace has been an incredible fusion of academics and my passion for basketball. Choosing to pursue both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Ace was a deliberate choice, as it allowed me to foster lasting relationships on and off the court, nurturing my growth as a student-athlete.

Through this unique double stint, I’ve forged unforgettable memories and honed invaluable life skills, shaping me into the well-rounded individual I am today.

I consider myself an athlete – well, not an athlete-athlete, but I tend to show a keen interest when it comes to sports, especially basketball. While juggling between my MBA classes and my desk job, I have very little time for myself. And in that short time, I have tons of things to get done – for instance, completing my assignment before the DEADLINE.

But being a part of Ace, where the college equally emphasizes academics and extracurricular activities, just adds the cherry on top. Ace is not just a place where you come to attend classes, write exams, and earn a degree but an institute that recognizes the importance of nurturing both the mind and the body. I’m grateful to have lived that experience from my undergrad life at Ace Institute to my post-grad life at AIBS.

Academically, Ace has always challenged me in ways I never thought possible. Here, it’s not just about earning good grades; it’s about developing critical thinking skills, learning to collaborate effectively, and preparing for the challenges of the real world.

Ace taught me that the uni life does not always have to be about hitting the books~ it’s equally about hitting the court, field, or any other place where extracurricular activities thrive. As someone with a passion for basketball, I’ve been thrilled to find a thriving sports culture here. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in every sports week as a baller and the camaraderie and sense of belonging that come with it have been invaluable.

Participating in extracurricular activities like sports has helped me in more ways than I can count. It’s not just about staying physically active; it’s also about building teamwork, discipline, and time management skills. These qualities are not only essential on the court but also in the business world.

My experience or must I say aceperience on the basketball team has taught me how to work with diverse personalities and how to handle high-pressure situations – a skill set that has translated directly to my MBA studies.

The uni seamlessly blends academics and extracurriculars. It’s not a choice between one or the other; it’s about finding a balance that suits you. The college understands that personal growth happens not only in the classroom but also through experiences outside of it. This balance has allowed me to become a more well-rounded individual, capable of facing the challenges that await me in my career.

As I reflect on my journey as an Acer, I can’t help but feel grateful. Ace has provided me with the perfect environment to thrive academically and personally. I’ve grown not only as a student but also as an individual who values both the pursuit of knowledge and the importance of a well-balanced life.

Ace truly understands that education is about more than just what you learn in the classroom – it’s about how you grow as a person. And for that, I’m proud to be a part of this remarkable institution.