Successful completion of Silver Jubilee Meeting Ace Toastmasters Club

Ace Toastmasters Club hosted it’s 25th meeting on Tuesday, March 23, 2021. The meeting was attended by Division O Director – Mr. Avish Acharya, Club Mentor – Mr. Pankaj Pradhananga, Ace Toastmasters Club members, and students of Undergraduate and Graduate school.

Toastmaster of the Evening, Ms. Manasi Parajuli started the meeting by introducing featured Speaker Sansrita Subedi who delivered her speech on “Reminiscing my childhood days” which was then followed by the guest speaker’s speech. The guest speaker for the meeting Mr. Ashish Tiwari, Principal/ Director, Ace Institute of Management talked about the immense positive impact of activities like these on students and took time to reminisce the initial days of inception of the Ace Toastmasters Club. He also thanked the members of the club for keeping up the great work and bettering themselves every day.

The meeting then proceeded with musical performance by Mr. Prabin Shrestha and after completion of scheduled activities, it ended with informal networking session.

Physical Classes resume after a year

After a year of being hit by the pandemic and completely shutting down physical classes and operating online, Ace has reopened for students in both the Campuses, Ace Institute of Management, New Baneshwor and Ace International Business School, Sinamangal. After the testing times we all went through in year 2020, we are excited to welcome our students to the college premises. We hope that you are equally as excited as we are.

We missed you..
To more memories!
Welcome Back!

Please note: Even if you are feeling well and are not thinking about coronavirus, please take all necessary measures; wear your masks, sanitize your hands, maintain appropriate social distance, cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow and please stay at home if you are not feeling well.

Demo day of Ascend -Ace Start Up Center

Our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Ajay Ghimire, Founder/Chairman, Ace Institute of Management had some valuable words of advice for our first cohort of Startup Teams on the Demo Day.

Our Jury Panelist, Mr. Suman Shakya, Founder/Director, Tangent Waves had some valuable words of advice for our first cohort of Startup Teams on the Demo Day.

Our Jury Panelist, Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Founder, SAFAL Partners, had some valuable words of advice for our first cohort of Startup Teams on the Demo Day.

Online session on “Impact of COVID Pandemic on Marketing Communication & Media Choices for Marketers

As the impact of COVID in our lives and work unfolds, and as we endeavor to learn newer ways to effectively overcome the challenges, we are grateful to Mr. Anil Kumar for agreeing to discuss and share ideas with our MBA students on “Impact of COVID Pandemic on Marketing Communication & Media Choices for Marketers”. This discussion and idea sharing session will revolve around:

A quick snapshot on how media is measured and what marketers necessarily need to be cognizant of.
Disruptions in media habits of consumers across different segments and consequent shifts in relevance of media types.
Marketers response to these changes: in the immediate and in the long run.
The link to Mr. Kumar’s LinkedIn profile is:

“Covid-19: Commentary from a Public Health Expert”

“Covid-19: Commentary from a Public Health Expert”, a guest session conducted with our MBA students, was indeed helpful in enhancing understanding about the facts and myths pertaining to the pandemic. “If we mindfully undertake the required precautions, which we can if we apply ourselves, there is no need to panic” – this comforting insight was probably the key takeaway of the session.
We offer our earnest gratitude to our resource person Mr. Sushil Koirala for sharing his expert reflections with our students.

Orientation BBA 2019


Social Works

Ace-IBS in collaboration with Nir Holidays organized a volunteering project for the third semester learners of undergraduate program. They were placed in two different areas namely: Ni: Sahaya Sewa Sadan, an Old Age Home and Shree Shanti Vidhya Griha Madhyamik Bidhyalaya, a school. The project was conducted from 04 November – 15 November 2019, wherein learners worked rigorously for the first 7 days in the field and presented their report to the teams of AIBS and Nir Holidays after their field work. Although it was for few days, learners gained a firsthand experience in the field of social work. In addition, this experience helped them understand the importance of teamwork making their bonds stronger than before. Learners enjoyed the two weeks of social work and have shared their experience in the blog:

Ace Portrayals 2019

A gala of Painting, Photography and Stage Play: “Ace Portrayals 2019” embellished Ace-IBS Undergraduate students. Ace-IBS BBA students endeavored for the first time to juxtapose their aesthetic expressions through Painting, Photography and Stage Play during “Ace Portrayals 2019.” The event was held on February 24, Sunday at Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu with full enthusiasm from students, parents, faculties and distinguished guests. Ace-IBS feels indebted with the mentoring partner – Tatsama Arts and Minod Bhaila for the event.

Ace Utsav 2017

Ace Utsav, an annual inter-school talent festival took place at Ace Alevel premises on Friday, November 10, 2017. In Ace Utsav, grade ten students from various schools inside Kathmandu valley participate in different activities, getting opportunities to excel and showcase their skills, learn what healthy competition is and give meaning to team spirit. It is an Utsav in its true sense; for talent is celebrated beyond classrooms.

Ace Utsav 2017 started with formal inauguration program followed by Essay Writing, Artwork, Newspaper Making, Elocution and 3×3 Basketball. The energy of the students was contagious as they exhibited their talents in various activities, cheering not only for their own but for others as well.
Congratulations to all ‘Utsavites’ it was truly a celebration of talent – beyond classrooms.

Winners and Runner up for the activities:

Runner up – Triyog High School
Winner – Bouddha Meridian School

Runner up – Triyog High School
Winner – K.M.C. School

Newspaper Making
Runner up – LRI School
Winner – Triyog High School

Runner up – Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya
Winner – Paathshala Nepal Foundation

3×3 Basketball
Runner up – LRI School
Winner – Campion

And, the Overall Winner of Ace Utsav 2017 was Triyog High School.

Inspiring the future

Possible returns from a graduate management degree is severely limited when learning is restricted within four walls of a classroom. At AIBS, we strongly believe that formal education must be complemented with exposure to and experience of, successful contemporary management practices to prepare change leaders of tomorrow. We call this ‘Aceperience’.

Inspiring the Future
International Exposure Programme: 11 – 19 August 2017

Aceperience of THE ALCHEMISTS – The MBA Cohort of Spring 2017

“The international exposure program, ‘Inspiring the future’, which took place in Singapore in mid-august 2017, was the perfect balance of learning as well as presenting our own ideas and opinions. There were interactive classroom sessions covering topics such as building blocks to success and internalizing on our strengths to capitalize in the corporate world. We were mentored into becoming self-reflective and making better career choices in the future. Moreover, we were allowed to explore two great multinational corporations, Google and Starbucks and were encouraged to internalize their organizational culture and present our reflections. Understanding business model while exploring one of the most exciting tourist spot of Singapore, Sentosa Island was also one of the interesting tasks in the workshop, which was an educational and exhilarating experience. Additionally, a business competition was arranged to judge our capabilities to create a similar business plan as Sentosa in Nepal. Overall, the workshop was knowledgeable and able to engage and exercise our minds into understanding various business environments, their culture and prepare us for our future endeavors.

It was also fresh opportunity to immerse into the vibrant culture of Singapore and socialize with our batch mates. We were all overwhelmed with the system, cleanliness and advancement of technology controlled by the country. It was an unforgettable adventure; exploring a new country with friends. Singapore has a wide line of cuisines, variety of world music, and a serene beach side. The country itself is an example of how a proper management of law and resources such as people, finance and time can flourish nothing into something so successful. We maneuvered our way into a systematic concrete jungle and fell in love with how the country seemed vibrant and active from dusk till dawn.”