Spectrum 2022

The closing ceremony of Ace Spectrum 2022 was successfully held at Aloft, Kathmandu, Thamel. The two-day event gathered a total of 17 incredible teams from all over the country and outside the country. A huge congratulations to the participants and organizing team for a successful event. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Anuradha Koirala, chief guest (closing ceremony) for gracing the ceremony with her presence.

Invitation for Ace Annual Drama 2022

नाटक थोरै, मनोरन्जन बढी
थकान थोरै, उत्साह धेरै
सिक्का सिक्का जोडेर बनेको सिक्कामा नै लुकाइएको छ।
जोश सीमित हाम्रो नाटकले हाम्रो जोशलाई उर्जा प्रदान गर्छ।

The much awaited event of the year, Ace Annual Drama 2022 titled “Ek Sikka” is scheduled to be held on Saturday, July 16, 2022 (Asar 32, 2079), at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi.

This act has been put together with a lot of love and hard work from the team. Hope to see you all there.


Entrepreneurial Yatra 2022

Entrepreneurial Yatra was successfully conducted on June 6, 2022. Like every year, this time too, it brought amazing panelists to the same stage. The whole event was informative, insightful and engaging at the same time. Thankyou to the organizers (Students of Ace Undergraduate School) for making this panel discussion a huge success. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the panelists Mr. Bilal Ahmed Shah, Mr. Aabhusan Jyoti Kansakar, Ms. Shailaja Adhikary for enriching the students with your Entrepreneurial Yatra and special thanks to the Moderator Mr. Diwas Thapa for facilitating the discussion.

Entrepreneurial Yatra Panelists

Mr. Aabhushan Jyoti Kansakar

Mr. Aabhushan Jyoti Kansakar is one of the panelists of the Entrepreneurial Yatra happening tomorrow.

Aabhushan Jyoti is the young and dynamic CEO of Deba Jyoti Group. It is a conglomerate that was established in 1965, within its umbrella sits Jeevee, an e-commerce site that has been operating successfully in the Nepali market since its commencement, with a focus on skincare, beauty, and baby care. Aabhusan aims to make Nepal’s e-commerce market economic, accessible, and reliable with Jeevee.Do not miss out on a chance to closely interact with him and learn more about his journey so far.

Ms. Shailaja Adhikary

Ms. Shailaja Adhikary is one of the panelists of the Entrepreneurial Yatra happening tomorrow.

Shailaja is a very well-known figure in both the field of Fashion and Education. She’s a visionary who changed the face of Nepal by introducing Fashion and Interior Design Education i.e IEC and an international pre-school chain i.e Euro Kids in Nepal. She is currently serving as the president of FDCN ( Fashion Design Council of Nepal ) along with serving as the Managing Director of 12 prominent educational institutions in Nepal. It is needless to say that she has been a proud recipient of various prestigious awards in her career. Learn more about her vision and her plans for the future in tomorrow’s session.

Mr. Bilal Ahmed Shah

Mr. Bilal Ahmed Shah is one of the panelists of the Entrepreneurial Yatra happening tomorrow.

Bilal, CEO – Latido Leathers, had embarked on a singular journey of self-discovery, learning, ongoing re-imagination, re-interpretation, and growth with Latido after leaving his bachelor’s program in engineering as a naïve, frustrated kid.

The concept of Latido which began as a ferocious cry for help in finding one’s professional identity is now a reality. Through its creations, Latido aspires to motivate and empower people to live better lives and be better versions of themselves.

Learn more about him and his journey with Latido in tomorrow’s session.

Ace Biz Fest 2022

Congratulations to the students of Ace Undergraduate School for successfully organizing “Ace Biz Fest 2022”. Ace Biz Fest is a conglomeration of numerous activities where students create strategic plan for chosen businesses and plan a carnival-themed “Biz Fest.”

This year’s event was even bigger and better. To many more successful events like these!

Ace Undergraduate School Annual Sports 2022


Ace Undergraduate Students were rejuvenated by playing Futsal with their teammates after a long gap of pandemic.

The first round of Futsal in Ace Annual Sports 2022 saw some exciting highlights. The final rounds will be played coming Saturday and Sunday.

Chess Competition

Ace Undergraduate Students participated in the Chess competition as one of the events under Ace Annual Sports 2022.

Congratulations to the Winners!
Winner- Roach Maharjan
Runner up- Bijay Bahadur Rawal
Winner- Iru Niraula
Runner-Up -Prasansa Deoju

Basketball Tournament

The Winners are made with hard work, dedication, persistence, and discipline.

We are proud to announce the Basketball Winners of Ace Annual Sports Week 2022:
Winner BBA 1st Sem-Team Name-Hustle
Runner up BBA-BI 2nd Sem- Team Name- Basketball Hounds
Winner BBA 4th Sem- Team Name- Pepega
Runner up BBA- 1st Sem- Team Name- Aces

Ace Undergraduate School “Quizmatics 2022”

Students of Ace Undergraduate School successfully conducted “Quizmatics” at Ace Auditorium. There are a total of 22 participating teams. The final round consisted of a head-to-head match between five teams .

Congratulations to the all the winners and participants.

We wish each one of you continued success in the future .Keep up the good work and the tradition of excellence.