Students Speak

My Aceperience has been all about my transformation from a shy person to a confident individual.

Aadarsha Muni Shakya


My Aceperience has been all about building my confidence and learning new things.Ace has granted me a stage where I built my confidence.

Sumina Bajracharya

Alevel, 2020

My Acepereince has been all about growing myself as a better person and learning to learn from the person around me.

Shreeya Thapa

Alevel, 2021

The best part of my Aceperience has been about excellent faculty members, friendly fellow mates and striving for excellence..

Rajat Ghimire

Alevel, 2020

My Acepreience has been the perfect blend of joy and hardships.The best part of my Aceperience has been learning and growing..

Evan Karki

Alevel, 2018

My aceperience has been all about getting to express myself better and expanding my horizons.

Bisakha Maharjan

A2 Level,2020

My Aceperience has been about the journey of learning, taking on opportunities, pushing oneself, growing and moving forward..

Rinisha Tamrakar

A2 Level, 2020

I am confident that my aceperience has equipped me for what is yet to come.

Umang Sitaula


My aceperience has transformed me from a shy and introverted person to a confident individual.

Samokshya Adhikari

A Level, 2020

Learning new things along with my friends and teachers which has made me look at things from a whole new perspective.

Sujal Ghimire

A2 Level,2020

Ace has been the best platform for exploring myself. My aceperience has been about learning and growing together

Tenzin Choesang Tamang

A Level 2019

My Aceperience has always been a nudge on becoming self-confident and versatile.

Sanjila Shrestha

A2 Level, 2020

The MBA program in Ace-IBS has helped me strengthen both my personal and professional life.

Tsering Wangmo Gurung

MBA Semester IV

Ace has provided me opportunities to explore my true potentials , bring out the best of me and sharpen my skills.

Aashraya Man Shrestha

BBA Semester III

Aceperience for me has been about excelling in academics and breaking barriers to reach my full potential

Raksha Lama

MBA Trimester VI

An amalgamation of discovering a stronger self, learning empathy and knowing people count most in making my Aceperience .

Siddhant Ghimiray

BBA Semester VI

The most striking element of my Aceperience has been the opportunity and access to numerous platforms to practice and hone my leadership

Nasala Bajracharya

BBA-BI Semester VI

Aceperience for me has been about exploring myself, enhancing my creative skills, and learning from the people around me.

Manim Bhandari

A Level

When I thought of enrolling for my MBA degree, I wanted to join an internationally recognized program that balances theoretical and prac

Regan Awale

MBA Spring 2016

It gives me great pleasure to say that I am a part of Ace. There is so much I have achieved studying in Ace-IBS than just a certificate.

Dikshya Shrestha

BBA Fall 2016