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Seminars, Workshops and Guest Lectures

Experts from the field of business and management, across different industries are regularly invited to interact and impart their knowledge, skills and expertise to our students. The objective of these seminars, workshops and guest lecture sessions is to acquaint our students with the real-world business situations, and to provide them with an understanding of how their learnings inside the classroom translates into application in the real world.

Business and Management Festivals

Business and Management Festivals are held with the objective of providing students of not just Ace, but students all across Nepal and beyond, a platform to exhibit and showcase their capabilities in Administration, Business, Entrepreneurship and Management. Various sub-events incorporating elements of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship and Current Affairs are conducted.

Performing Arts and Culture

Various events and activities ranging from Annual Drama, Acoustic Music Festival, Fashion Show, Dance, Singing, Art and Painting, Press Conference, Radio Jingles, Video Advertisements etc., are organized to provide a platform to our students to express their creativity and talent.

Tours and Recreation

International Tours are organized for the students where they travel outside Nepal and experience international cultures, traditions and people. National tours are also organized where students travel and trek to different parts of the country and get to know Nepal more. Industrial Tours are regularly organized where the students are taken to different organizations, and are oriented about the process of production, supply-chain, marketing and selling of different products of those organizations

Participation in International Events

The students of Ace participate at various International Management and Business Events held outside Nepal, with the objective to gain a wider and an international perspective on business and management practices. These events bring together students from different parts of the world, and incorporate various competitive activities related to business and management.

Ace Athletics & Sports

Athletics & Sports

The Sporting Event at Ace celebrates the sportsman spirit and competitive nature of every individual and teams participating in various sports such as football, cricket, basketball, table tennis, badminton chess etc.

Social Initiatives

Social Initiatives

Ace conducts different social campaigns in collaboration with various social and health organizations. Blood Donation campaigns are regularly organized. Various other programs are organized to spread awareness about different kinds of social issues. Moreover, fund raising campaigns are conducted, aimed at assisting the underprivileged people to receive medical and other forms of support.

Ace Student Clubs

Ace houses over a dozen student led clubs, where students can participate keeping in mind, their interests. The college encourages its students to actively participate in the events and activities of respective clubs so that they can bring in ideas that result in value for student and society at large. By enlisting themselves in one or more of the clubs, students have scope to explore their interests, develop leadership potential and expose themselves to a wider network of like-minded individuals. Existing Student led Clubs:

Communication Club Book Club Toastmasters Club Sustainability Club Finance Club Marketing Club The Placement Cell Social Club Event Management Club Sports Club Music Club Adventure Club Expressions Club Entrepreneurs’ Club Drama Club