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MBA Evening Pokhara University

MBA Evening Pokhara University

Program Overview


Pokhara University


Undergraduate Degree


2 years (6 Trimesters)

Total Credit


Class Timing

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Ace Institute of Management, New Baneshwor

The MBA Evening degree is for young aspirants who want to earn an MBA degree and gather work experience simultaneously. This program allows fresh graduates to work and study at the same time, without compromising on either. The program is similar to the regular MBA, with it’s focus towards accommodating the need to learn and earn together. The study plan under this program accommodates the learning needs of the participants and the minimum time of completion and ensures that the participants are not overloaded with course work and therefore will not be compromising on their acquisition of knowledge and skills.

The main objective of the degree is to provide participants the opportunity to enhance their professionalism. It aims to imbibe a sense of strategic outlook to management problems in students. The emphasis, therefore, is on management as an integrated process and requires the students to develop a global view of economic, technological, cultural and political environment of business.

On completion of the program, the student will be conferred the MBA Evening degree by Pokhara University.

Eligiblity for Enrollment

Successful completion of undergraduate degree before the session begins.

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Curricular Structure

Course Code Course Description 10 Credits
ACC 515 Accounting for Managerial Decisions 3.0
STT 501 Statistics for Managers 2.0
ECO 511 Managerial Economics 2.0
MGT 542 Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management 2.0
MGT 543 Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Practicum 1.0
Course Code Course Description 12 Credits
FIN 531 Financial Management 3.0
STT 502 Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 2.0
ECO 512 Macroeconomics and Global Economy 2.0
MGT 546 Operations and Supply Chain Management 2.0
MKT 561 Marketing Management 2.0
MKT 562 Digital Marketing Practicum 1.0
Course Code Course Description 11 Credits
RES 611 Methods for Business Research and Consultancy 2.0
MGT 548 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2.0
MIS 521 Management Information System 2.0
COM 505 Managerial Communication 2.0
MGT 515 Leadership, Governance and Ethics 1.0
MIS 522 Management Information Systems Practicum 1.0
MGT 549 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Practicum 1.0
Course Code Course Description 11 Credits
MGT 550 Business Environment and Strategy 3.0
Concentration I 2.0
Concentration II 2.0
Elective I 2.0
Elective II 2.0
Course Code Course Description Credit Hours
Concentration III 2.0
Concentration IV 2.0
Capstone Project and Experiential Learning 6.0
Option I Industry Pathway
COP 660
NVC 670
Consulting Project
New Venture Creation
DBN 680 Doing Business in Nepal 3.0
Option II Research Pathway
RES 612 Graduate Thesis 6.0
Course Code Course Description 6 Credits
MGT 548 Internship 6.0

MBA Concentration Courses and Course Codes

The program offers several career-focused concentrations. These courses allow students to gain additional knowledge and skills on specific concentration areas. The students are required to select any four courses from any one of the following concentration areas.

Course Code Course Title
FIN 632 Financial Institutions and Markets
FIN 637 Corporate Finance
FIN 643 Investment Management
FIN 634 International Financial Management
FIN 680 Entrepreneurial Finance
FIN 635 Financial Derivatives and Risk Management
FIN 681 Private Equity and Venture Capital
FIN 682 Behavioral Finance
FIN 683 Financial Planning and Wealth Management
FIN 684 Financial Modeling and Valuation
FIN 685 Risk Management and Insurance
FIN 686 Seminar in Finance
Course Code Course Title
MKT 662 Service Marketing
MKT 663 Marketing Research and Analytics
MKT 664 Consumer Behavior
MKT 680 Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT 681 International Marketing
MKT 682 Neuro Marketing
MKT 683 Brand Management
MKT 684 Digital and Social Media Marketing
MKT 685 Sales and Distribution Management
MKT 686 Seminar in Marketing
Course Code Course Title
MGT 680 Talent Acquisition and Development
MGT 672 Compensation Management
MGT 671 HRD Strategies
MGT 681 Advanced Leadership and Negotiation
MGT 682 Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution
MGT 675 Performance Management
MGT 676 International Human Resource Management
MGT 690 Labor Relations and Employment Law
MGT 691 Employer Brand Management
MGT 692 Seminar in Human Resource Management
Course Code Course Title
ICT 610 Electronic Commerce
ICT 611 Digital Economy
ICT 612 Digital Business Ecosystem
ICT 613 Data Mining and Business Analytics
ICT 614 Data Analytics for Decision Making
ICT 615 Information Security for Business
ICT 616 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
ICT 617 AI for Business Systems
ICT 618 Social Analytics for Business Managers
ICT 619 Data Visualization
ICT 620 Digital and Social Media Marketing
ICT 621 Seminar in Information Technology and Business Analytics
Course Code Course Title
EPI 611 Open Innovation and Collaboration
EPI 612 Management of Innovation and Creativity
EPI 613 Scaling Operations and Managing Growth
EPI 614 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
EPI 615 Family Business Management
EPI 616 Corporate Development: Mergers & Acquisitions
EPI 617 Corporate Entrepreneurship
EPI 618 Development of New Business Model and Product
EPI 619 Electronic Commerce and Digital Economy
EPI 620 Technology Entrepreneurship
EPI 621 Seminar in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


(4 Credits)

The following courses have been identified for electives. These courses offer students the flexibility to customize their needs and meet their career interests and goals. These are basically sectoral and application courses which address the systematic integration across all of business disciplines.

Course Code Course Title
MGT 707 ESG & Sustainability in Business
ECO 705 Digital Economy
ECO 701 Econometrics
ECO 710 Behavioral Economics
ECO 712 Monetary Economics
MGT 721 Tourism and Hospitality Management
BNK 621 Bank Operations and Management
MGT 717 Real Estate Management
MSC 711 Management of Technology
ACC 702 Business Tax Planning
MGT 716 Project Management
MGT 714 Multinational Management
MGT 719 Social Entrepreneurship
MGT 686 Strategies for Sustainable Management
MGT 730 Management of Service Sector Organizations
MGT 688 Productivity Perspective in Management Development
MKT 718 Rural Marketing and Agribusiness
MFI 683 Microfinance

Admission Procedure

1. Online Form Submission

All candidates are required to complete an online application form to be registered for the admission process. The link to the online form is given below:

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2. Computer Based Test (CBT)

After the submission of online form, all candidates should appear for a Computer Based Test (CBT) conducted by Ace Institute of Management. It is a two-hour long test which can be taken at the convenience of the applicant. The admission office will provide a date and time of the CBT to the applicant after receiving the completed application.

3. Personal Interview

After the completion of the CBT, the applicants will need to appear for a personal Interview which is the final stage of the selection process. Upon completion of personal interview, selected applicants will be issued the Offer of Admission.

Documents to be submitted

Scanned copies of all the academic/professional qualifications and transcripts (SLC, Higher Secondary, Bachelors ) should be emailed to

Raksha Lama
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Aceperience for me has been about excelling in academics and breaking barriers to reach my full potential

Raksha Lama

MBA Trimester VI

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