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Kashyap Shakya

March 3, 2021

Born and brought up in Gangtok, Sikkim. A civil engineer who never pursued it. Instead a passionate Marketing guy with keen interest in Brand Management and Consumer Behavior. Worked with MNC’s like Gorkha Brewery and Dabur. Successful stint with brands like Tuborg, Carlsberg, Real Juice and some flagship brand launches like Gorkha Beer. On the other hand have a good experience with brand failures like Jolly in the Nepalese market. It’s a great case study for me now. Presently involved in my own venture at Allied Food Industry, trying to establish reasonably priced, healthy local products. Also am a consulting brand manager at Nepal Life Insurance. And apart from all of the above, I get the ultimate satisfaction in teaching. It helps me remain sane in this cruel world. Also an enthusiast photographer, a collector, a blogger and a wannabe “perfect” father and husband. I strongly believe that a bigger change is a cumulative aftermath of smaller changes and these smaller changes come through personal efforts. People tell me I’m quite rebellious which I take it as a compliment.