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Amresh Subedi  

May 31, 2021

Amresh Subedi is a Data and Business Analyst with academic background of business and management. He has 2 years experience in the capacity of Business and Data Analyst in electronic business and 4 years of experience in the capacity of Management Accountant and Senior Account Officer. His areas of expertise are accounting, finance, operations, knowledge transfer, data analysis, and business analysis. As a business analyst he has provided timely solutions to help businesses scale with the tools of e-business. He has experience on knowledge transfer of various tools of e-business, product information management, data migration, and management accounting to help trainee understand the client requirements in relation to cost benefit analysis for e-commerce clients. The objective is to gradually provide one stop e-businesses solutions and help organizations make data intensive business decisions to gain competitive advantage. He loves to read new current updates in the field of business driven by technology, interact with people and bring difference in dedicated projects.