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BBA (Finance) Pokhara University

BBA (Finance)Pokhara University

Program Overview


Pokhara University


Higher Secondary Education Board or equivalent


4 years (8 semesters)

Total Credit


Class Timing



Ace Institute of Management, New Baneshwor

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance) program aims to provide sound knowledge base, conceptual understanding and skills in the area of business and management with specific focus on finance, banking, insurance, investment and capital markets. The BBA (Finance) program is a four-year bachelor degree program spread over eight semesters. Students are required to enroll in designated courses every semester. Each course has a minimum of about 48 contact hours.

A student needs to complete course work, project work and internship to graduate. Project Work involves field work and empirical analysis of the information collected from the field. The students are also required to prepare a project report in a prescribed format. Internship lasts for a period of six to eight weeks and is schedule during the sixth semester. College facilitates internship for all the students enrolled in the program. During the internship, a student is supervised by a faculty supervisor assigned from the college and a supervisor from the respective organization where he/she is doing the internship.

Eligiblity for Enrollment

Students who have successfully completed 10+2 examination conducted by National Examinations Board (NEB) or Equivalent are eligible to apply. Students who have appeared in NEB or due to appear in NEB or equivalent board examination and expect to complete it before the beginning of the session at Ace, are also eligible to apply. Students who have completed their examinations from Boards other than NEB or Tribuvan University, however, must get an authorized letter of certification form either NEB or Pokhara University / Tribhuvan University certifying that their examination boards are equivalent and they are eligible to take admission.

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Curricular Structure

Course Code Course Credit Hours
ENG 110 English 3
MTH 110 Basic Mathematics 3
ICT 110 IT for Business 3
BHS 110 Behavioral Science 3
MGT 111 Principles of Management 3
PRC 110 Software Skills Practicum 1
Course Code Course Credit Hours
BUC 201 Business Communication 3
MTH 111 Business Mathematics 3
ECO 110 Introduction to Microeconomics 3
MGT 112 Fundamentals of Organizational Behavior 3
ACC 110 Financial Accounting 3
PRC 111 Soft Skills Practicum 1
Course Code Course Credit Hours
STT 110 Business Statistics 3
ECO 111 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
ACC 111 Cost and Management Accounting 3
MGT 114 Human Resource Management 3
MKT 110 Principles of Marketing 3
PRC 112 Digital Marketing Practicum 1
Course Code Course Credit Hours
STT 111 Data Analysis and Modeling 3
MGT 116 Fundamentals of Operations Management 3
RCH 110 Business Research Methods 3
MIS 110 Management Information System 3
FIN 111 Introduction to Financial Management 3
PRC 114 Academic Writing 1
Course Code Course Credit Hours
FIN 310 Corporate Finance 3
FIN 317 Financial Institutions and Market 3
MIS 111 Essentials of e-Business 3
Concentration I 3
Concentration II 3
PRC 113 Fintech Practicum 1
Course Code Course Credit Hours
MGT 115 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3
FIN 313 Fundamentals of Investment Management 3
PRJ 110 Project Work 3
Concentration III 3
Concentration IV 3
Elective I 3
Course Code Course Credit Hours
MGT 119 Strategic Management 3
MGT 120 Business Environment 3
LAW 211 Financial Law 3
Concentration V 3
Elective II 3
PRJ 112 Community Engagement Project 1
Course Code Course Credit Hours
INT 110 Internship 6


(Any three courses from any one major area and any two courses from remaining any one minor area; total 5 courses) (15 Credit Hours)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
FIN 350 Emerging Concepts in Corporate Financial Management 3
FIN 351 Financial Management of SMEs and Social Enterprises 3
FIN 353 International Finance 3
FIN 354 Behavioural Finance 3
FIN 355 Municipal Finance 3
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
BNK 350 Emerging Concepts in Banking 3
BNK 351 Treasury Management 3
BNK 352 Investment Banking 3
BNK 353 Management of Commercial Banks 3
BNK 354 Central Banking and Monetary Policy 3
BNK 355 Sustainable Banking 3
BNK 356 Microfinance 3
BNK 357 Credit Risk Management 3
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
FIN 238 Risk Management and Insurance 3
FIN 331 Life and Health Insurance 3
FIN 333 Property and Liability Insurance 3
INS 350 Emerging Concepts in Insurance 3
INS 351 Microinsurance 3
INS 352 Social Insurance 3
INS 353 Reinsurance and Broking 3
INS 354 Management of Insurance Companies 3
INS 355 Fundamental Concept of Actuarial Science 3
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
INV 350 Emerging Concepts in Investment and Capital Markets 3
INV 351 Securities Market and Portfolio Analysis 3
INV 352 Mutual Fund and Pension Fund 3
INV 353 Private Equity and Venture Capital 3
INV 354 Assets Management 3
INV 355 Investment and Merchant Banking 3


(6 Credit Hours)

Course Code Course Title Credits
NBE 251 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 3
NEB 253 Philanthropy and Social Impact 3
NBE 254 Social Ecology and Environment 3
NBE 261 Media and Public Relations 3
NBE 256 Seminar in Environmental Studies 3
NBE 257 Seminar in Sustainable Development 3
NBE 258 Management of Family Business 3
NBE 259 Society and Politics 3
NBE 260 Basic Econometrics 3
NBE 262 Energy and Sustainable Development 3
MGT 117 Project Management 3
NBE 285 Event Management 3
NBE 263 Management of Technology 3
NBE 264 Population Dynamics and Development Challenges 3

Admission Procedure


Candidates are required to fill online application form available on our website or they may also login to and fill the form. Candidates are required to e-mail scanned copies of all relevant academic documents and transcripts to For the year 2024, the application fee has been waived.

Personal Interview

After submission of the online application and scanned copies of all relevant documents the students will be required to appear in an interview as a part of the selection process. The date and time of the interview will be communicated to the students by the admissions office. Candidates will be offered the admission based on the admission committee’s assessment of their Application, Academic Documents and Interview.

quotation mark

My experience at Ace has been nothing short of amazing. From the moment I attended orientation, I knew I was in for a treat. The environment at Ace is truly mesmerizing, making it feel like a second home. Whether it's the exciting events or the vibrant atmosphere of Ace Unplugged, I'm always filled with anticipation and enthusiasm. Throughout it all, I've managed to balance my academics alongside these incredible experiences, making my journey at Ace both fun and fruitful.

Prasamsa Pandey

BBA-BI, Fall 2022

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