Program Overview


Cambridge Assessment International Education


Secondary Education Examination or Equivalent


2 Year

Subjects Offered

Management and Social Sciences

Class Timing

9:00 AM-4:00 PM (Five days a week from Monday to Friday)

Class Duration

50 Minutes

Work Days

Monday - Friday

Working Hours

8:30 am to 4.30 pm (library, computer labs, office)


Ace Institute of Management, Baneshwor

Ace A Level program adopts a holistic approach that provides fulfilling and transformational learning experience to students, ensuring that they are prepared well for their higher studies, career and life since its launch in 2008. With the objective of developing managerial and leadership skills in students, Ace A level program engage the students extensively in various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

Guided by our philosophy that each one of us learns differently and that no one approach is superior to the other, we encourage students to take responsibility for their learning. Teachers facilitate as students learn the fundamental concepts and seek its application in real life. The teaching learning method at Ace A level program includes lectures, small group exercises, management games, project works, case studies and presentations. Computers, statistical kits and audio-visual aids are also extensively used. Lecture sessions are interactive wherein students are encouraged to contribute through active participation.

Ace A Level program has two specific objectives.

  • Ensure that students are prepared well for their higher studies
  • Develop students into thoughtful and responsible individuals.

Eligiblity for Enrollment

Students who have successfully completed or expect to successfully complete the Secondary Education Examination (S.E.E.), or equivalent, are eligible to apply.

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Curricular Structure

Module Code Course
9706 Accounting
9609 Business
9618 Computer Science
9708 Economics
8021 English General Paper
9709 Mathematics
9990 Psychology
9699 Sociology
9084 Law

At Ace, we offer a wide range of Non-credit courses. Each course has its unique learning outcome, competencies, and assessments. These courses offer students the opportunity to gain general knowledge, stay on top of emerging trends, learn new skills, upgrade existing skills, and develop personal interests. The list of Non-Credit courses offered at Ace is as follows;

Art and Design
Foreign Language
Digital Marketing


Ace A Level program proposes to offer Academic Performance based for the intake of 2023 as per the particulars presented below.

  1. Scholarship will be provided to those candidates only who meet the academic performance requirement as indicated in the table below.
  2. Applicable scholarship amount will be adjusted in the fee invoice upon submission of SEE (or equivalent) mark sheet by the scholar.
  3. To avail of the scholarship, following procedural requirements must be completed by the scholar:
    • Apply for admission into the program through submission of Application Form and other required documents, and participate in the Selection Process.
    • Get selected by the Admission Committee for enrollment into the program, and receive the Admission Offer Letter.
    • Take admission into the program within the deadline mentioned in the Admission Offer Letter through submission of required documents and full payment of the amount due at the time of admission (i.e., NRs. 80,000).
  4. If a scholar has been able to retain scholarship privilege from Year 1 (AS Level), the applicable scholarship amount, as percentage of Tuition Fee, will be adjusted in the Fee Invoice for Year 2 (A2 Level).
Aggregate Score in SEE (or equivalent) Scholarship% Scholarship Amount (NRs.)
Year 1 Year 2
GPA 3.9 and above 40% of total tuition fee of AS Level 79,200 79,200
GPA 3.8 and above but less than 3.9 30% of total tuition fee of AS Level 59,400 59,400
GPA 3.6 and above but less than 3.8 20% of total tuition fee of AS Level 39,600 39,600
GPA 3.4 and above but less than 3.6 10% of total tuition fee of AS Level 19,800 19,800


  • For continuity of scholarship from Year 1 (AS Level) to Year 2 (A2 Level), concerned scholar must maintain a minimum aggregate of 60% in the final internal evaluation in Year 1 (AS Level).
  • Inability to maintain this minimum threshold of 60% will result in discontinuation of scholarship for Year 2 (A2 Level).
  • On all issues related to scholarship, the decision taken by Ace A Level Management Committee will be final and binding.

Admission Procedure


The admission process begins when a candidate submits a fully completed registration form in the given format. The registration form can be accessed from the following link:

Computer Based Test - CBT

The entire CBT and each component within have predetermined maximum time limits. CBT as a tool allows candidates to demonstrate their reductive reading and logical reasoning skills along with the ability to solve math with resourcefulness and insight. Principally, the objective of CBT is to allow applicants to demonstrate their ability to perform tasks independently with time constraints.

Personal Interview

Although a positive indicator of interest, invitation to the interview does not guarantee admission. The interview is one of many elements that are considered before a final admission decision is made. As a tool it is used by the admission committee to understand an applicant better through a conversation.
We adopt a comprehensive selection method through these two components. Admission to the program will be offered based on the admission committee’s assessment of the candidate’s performance in the selection process and their past academic performance.

quotation mark

My Aceperience has been all about my transformation from a shy person to a confident individual.

Aadarsha Muni Shakya