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Ace Undergraduate School Annual Sports 2022

June 23, 2022


Ace Undergraduate Students were rejuvenated by playing Futsal with their teammates after a long gap of pandemic.

The first round of Futsal in Ace Annual Sports 2022 saw some exciting highlights. The final rounds will be played coming Saturday and Sunday.

Chess Competition

Ace Undergraduate Students participated in the Chess competition as one of the events under Ace Annual Sports 2022.

Congratulations to the Winners!
Winner- Roach Maharjan
Runner up- Bijay Bahadur Rawal
Winner- Iru Niraula
Runner-Up -Prasansa Deoju

Basketball Tournament

The Winners are made with hard work, dedication, persistence, and discipline.

We are proud to announce the Basketball Winners of Ace Annual Sports Week 2022:
Winner BBA 1st Sem-Team Name-Hustle
Runner up BBA-BI 2nd Sem- Team Name- Basketball Hounds
Winner BBA 4th Sem- Team Name- Pepega
Runner up BBA- 1st Sem- Team Name- Aces