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Ace Quizmatics 2023

February 24, 2023

The Quizmatics 2023 is a mathematical quiz competition organized solely by the students of 1st Semester of BBA and BBA-BI as a part of mathematics project for the students of Ace Undergraduate School. Organized with the motive of celebrating the enriching experience of learning mathematics, the participants are also expected to receive an enormous opportunity to gather important skills regarding teamwork, problem-solving and analysis through this event.

Students of Ace Undergraduate School successfully conducted “Quizmatics” at Ace Auditorium.

A huge congratulations to the students of BBA semester II section C, Mr. Akash Pokhrel, Mr. ReYaz Gautam and Mr. Utkristha Aryal for winning the title of Quizmatics 2023.

Thank you for all the participating teams, organizing committee, faculty members, sponsors and management for their continuous support to make Quizmatics 2023 a success.

We wish each one of you continued success in the future. Keep up the good work and the tradition of excellence.