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November 15, 2022

Ideate. Innovate. Create

Undergraduate students of Ace Institute of Management, organized Ace Ignite; A 48-hour hackathon with a rationale to unleash the potential of aspiring innovators in Nepal.

This one-of-a-kind event was attended by 100+ participants from 45 colleges within the country. The event was supported by national and international sponsors such as Github, Devfolio, Taskade, Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador, Polygon, Worldlink, Makuse, Saral Lagani. The 48 hour long hard work brought amazing solutions to the problems that were presented.

Prajwal Shrestha, the event lead says that, “Seeing the young minds from diverse field working together to create innovative solutions that actually solved the problem led the team to a conclusion that “Yes, we Did” “Yes, we Will” and “Yes, we Can” change the world for the better. Further, the enthusiasm of the participants did ignite the flame at the end”.

Benzin Dahal, one of the mentors said that, “It was an amazing experience seeing youths collaborating in a single platform to create such an amazing innovation that addresses a real-world problem. The best thing about the hackathon was that they were not just limiting them to their innovations but working hard to get their innovations into the hands of people who are in need.”

A huge congratulations to all the winners’ participants and organizers for making the event a successful one!

Winners of Ace Ignite:
1st position – Team YAARS- Yunika Bajracharya, Anuj Chhetri, Ashmit Rajaure, Rujal Acharya, Suban Shrestha
2nd position – Team PNP- Banshaj Paudel, Nadika Poudel, Krishbin Paudel, Mahima Dhakal
3rd position – Team Teletubbies- Sugam Paudyal, Roshish Shrestha, Simon Pradhananga, Samir Shrestha, Aayush Raj Pandey