Online session on “Impact of COVID Pandemic on Marketing Communication & Media Choices for Marketers

As the impact of COVID in our lives and work unfolds, and as we endeavor to learn newer ways to effectively overcome the challenges, we are grateful to Mr. Anil Kumar for agreeing to discuss and share ideas with our MBA students on “Impact of COVID Pandemic on Marketing Communication & Media Choices for Marketers”. This discussion and idea sharing session will revolve around:

A quick snapshot on how media is measured and what marketers necessarily need to be cognizant of.
Disruptions in media habits of consumers across different segments and consequent shifts in relevance of media types.
Marketers response to these changes: in the immediate and in the long run.
The link to Mr. Kumar’s LinkedIn profile is:

“Covid-19: Commentary from a Public Health Expert”

“Covid-19: Commentary from a Public Health Expert”, a guest session conducted with our MBA students, was indeed helpful in enhancing understanding about the facts and myths pertaining to the pandemic. “If we mindfully undertake the required precautions, which we can if we apply ourselves, there is no need to panic” – this comforting insight was probably the key takeaway of the session.
We offer our earnest gratitude to our resource person Mr. Sushil Koirala for sharing his expert reflections with our students.